Cid’s Impression (Final Fantasy VII)

Cid: “You ever see the play “LOVELESS“?”

Cloud: “Yes”

Cid: “Yeah? Really? Well, that’s fine.
They’ve been doin’ that play every summer since I was a kid.
An’ I remember seein’ it just once…
That was when I was in Midgar interviewing to be a pilot.
I had some free time and thought I’d catch the play.”
Now, I’m no big fan of the theater or anything.
But this thing put me to sleep, just like I thought it would.
Finally during the last scene, the guy next to me woke me up
tellin’ me my snorin’ was too loud.
So about all I really remember of that play is the end…
The sister of the lead asks her lover,

“Do you really have to leave?”

And the guy says,

“I promised. The people I love are waiting.”

“……I don’t understand. Not at all. But……
please take care of yourself.”

“Of course… I’ll come back to you.
Even if you don’t promise to wait.
I’ll return knowing that you’ll be here.”

I remember thinking when I heard those lines,
“*&%! What the hell’s he talkin’ about?”
But, you know… now I’m
not so sure…
I think I understand……”




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